Sunday, January 22, 2017

Census Sunday: Alfords in Mississippi

Jesse Warren Ball & Cynthia Alford

1850 US Census, MS, Marion;; Jesse Ball family.

Jesse Ball 41 b GA $1,200
C 30 b MS
N 16 b MS
J 10 b MS
Louisa 9 b MS
M 7 b MS
S 6 b MS
JJ 4 b MS
A 4 b MS
Lacey 1 b MS

1860 US Census, MS, Pike, Holmesville;; Jesse Ball family.

Jesse Ball, farmer, 51 b GA, $1,000/$8,500
Synthia 39 b MS
All children b MS
Misouria A 17
Sampson 15
John J 13
Lacey A 11
Jeptha O. 11
Ide W (m)7
Mira M (f)4
Ennera W (f) 2
Harrison P. 2/12

1870 US Census, MS, Marion, Columbia;; Jesse Ball family.

Jesse Ball 62 b MS, farmer, $500/$150
All born MS
Ida Wesley (m) 17
Martha E 15
Myer M 14
Emma 12
Harrison J 10
James A Terrell 24, farming
Lucy A 21, wife
John R. W. 2
Jesse Nelson 3/12

Alfred Baer 12 farm hand

Cynthia Ann (Alford) Ball is my 2nd great grand aunt.
Cynthia's sister, Lacey A. Alford, married James Michael Ball.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Census Sunday: Four Generations Together

These two houses, side by side, have members of four generations of the Alford/Berryhill family.

Ira P. Alford – Nancy (Alford) Berryhill – Mary Berryhill – Jessie Berryhill

1900 US Census, MS, Pike County, Beat 1

House #1
Mark Berryhill                       b March 1841 MS                 husband
Nancy (Alford) Berryhill         b May 1845 LA                     
Ulysses S Berryhill                 b Jan 1879 MS                     son
Daisy L. Berryhill                   b Dec 1880 MS                    daughter
Emma A. Berryhill                 b March 1882 MS                 daughter

House #2
Mary Berryhill                       b June 1870 MS                    widowed daughter in law
Jessie Berryhill                      b Dec 1894 MS                     granddaughter
Ira P. Alford                           b Jan 1822 MS                     father

I have encountered records with three generations in the past but this is the first time I have found four generations all together.

Ira Payne Alford is my 2nd great grand uncle.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Census Sunday: Alfords in Louisiana

The James M. Ball – Lacey A. Alford Family

1860 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 8, Davidson;; James M. Ball family.

James M. Ball 34 b LA, farmer
Lacey 30 b LA
Martha A. 10 b LA
Mary E 9 b LA
John E. 7 b LA
Julia 6 b LA
Anne Melison 5 b LA
James J Melison 2 b LA

1860 US Census, Slave Schedules, LA, Washington, Ward 8;; James M. Ball.

James M. Ball; 2 slaves; 24 year old male; 17 year old female

1870 US Census, LA, Washington, Franklinton;; James Ball family.

James Ball 44 b MS, farmer
Lucy 41 b LA
America (f) 19 b LA
John 17 b LA, farmer
Julia 15 b LA
Emma 12 b LA
James 11 b LA
Newton 9 b LA
Ida 7 b LA
Louisa 5 b LA

1880 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 5;; James Ball family.

James Ball, 53 b LA, farmer
Lacey 51 b MS
John E. 27 b LA
Julia 27 b LA
Anney M. 23 b LA
James 21 b LA
Newton W. 19 b LA
L. (f) 15 b LA

Lacey A. (Alford) Ball is my 2nd great grand aunt.
Lacey's sister, Cynthia Alford, married Jesse Warren Ball.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Time to Write: The Books Arrived!


Edited by Alyssa J. Pasquale, PhD
Published by Troy Book Makers

My book arrived in time to go under the Christmas tree! All those years of researching, writing and formatting have ended. I took the book to the publisher in early December and hoped it would be ready in time for Christmas. It was. This book about my mother's family was greeted by lots of smiles by my family. 

Now I can cross off all those old New Year's resolutions to finish that book. The new genealogy resolution: write a book on my father's paternal roots.

My mother,
Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown
and her other,
Helen F. (Coyle) Gardner

Remembrances is the story of my mother’s family from stories told me to when I was a child to research I did as an adult. My maternal grandmother’s family includes the surnames Brady, Coyle, Cunningham, Gibney, Mullane, Sullivan & more from the counties Cavan, Cork & Tipperary in Ireland. My maternal grandfather’s family includes the surnames Edelstein, Farkas, Gartner, Horn, Katz, Weissberg & more from Eastern Europe. How did these very different families come together? What was life like for my grandparents?  What were the celebrations and sorrows in their lives? Research in archives, libraries, courthouses & cemeteries helped me answer many questions about these families. Photographs, letters, diaries and documents helped to bring these ancestors to life once again. This book includes timelines, family tree charts, local history, source citations and an index. It is my sincere hope that the stories in this book will keep our family’s ancestors alive far into the next generations.